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Our Mission: To Nurture Spirituality, Build Caring Community,and Work Courageously for Peace with Justice and Mercy

Posted August 29, 2014 by Jennifer Gahnstrom



Walker Church Committees 2014


·       The members of the Church Council, Trustees, Staff Parish Relations Committee & Involvement Committees are elected each year.


·       All other committees, task forces, teams, etc. are open to new members at any time.


·       Meetings are open to everyone with one exception:  The Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) deals with personnel issues and you can contact the chair if you wish to have input.



Church Council

Council members are elected at the Church Conference each year. 

(It is comparable to a Board of Directors elected at an Annual Meeting.)

Allyson Hayward, Chair

Nancy Larsen, Secretary

Jan Werness, Treasurer

Adel Gardner , Lay Leader

Al Hildenbrand, Lay Member Annual Conference

Marcia Seelhoff , Financial Secretary

Lulu Philips, Finance Chair

Sarah Elizabeth, Kitchen Cabinet Chair

Deb Ramage, Peace with Justice Chair

KC Bretzke, Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC) Chair

Wayne Bailey, Trustees Co-chair

Al Hildenbrand , Trustees Co-chair

Mary Parker, Celebration Committee Chair

Steve Sandberg, Sunday School Committee Chair

Walter Lockhart, Involvement Committee Chair


Finance Committee

Oversees the church finances.

Lulu Philips, Chair

Carole Megarry, Vice Chair

Jan Werness, Treasurer

Marcia Seelhoff, Financial Secretary

Tom Manley, Financial Secretary Assistant



Oversee church property as the legal representative.

Term through 2014:

Wayne Bailey, Co-Chair

Ed Ed Mueller

Term through 2015:

Harlan Seelhof

Adel Gardner

Term through 2016:

Al Hildenbrand, Co-chair

Jim Stark



Staff Parish Relations Committee (SPRC)

Oversees church personnel.

Term through 2014:

Al Hildenbrand

Adel Gardner

KC Bretzke, Chair 

Term through 2015:

Linda Berglin

Term through 2016:

Lucy Slater

Don Browne

Jim McCreary


Involvement Committee

Meets once a year to propose candidates for elected positions.

Term through 2014:

Mary Burns

Greg Garman

Kristine Smith

Term through 2015

Allyson Hayward

Bonnie Beckel

Term through 2016:

Lou Tofte

Lulu Philips


Elected Representatives

Reconciling Congregations:  Beth Richards & Terri Parks

Metro West Builders:  Carole Megarry & Dianne O’Donnell



Celebration Committee

Coordinates the Sunday Celebrations & other events.

Mary Parker, chair

Tony Wentersdorf

Emily Peabody

Bonita Blumenauer

Dianne O’Donnell

Howard Kranz

Sally Kuehn

Marg Rozycki



Kitchen Cabinet

Coordinates community meals & the kitchen set-up.

Sarah Elizabeth, chair

Lou Tofte

Tom Judge

Barbara Hager

Greg Garman

Deb Ramage

Nancy Larsen


Events Task Force

Coordinates having more Walker Events and works with Trustees on building use policies.

Mary Parker

Steve Sandberg

Mary Laurel True

Anne Tiller

Willow Cordes-Eklund

Jennifer Gahnstrom, Admin


Communications Task Force

Coordinates future plans for the communication system (Website, Facebook, etc.) to both get out the message on Walker events and to market Walker rental space.

Jim Feldman, webmaster

Steve Sandberg

Deb Ramage

Al Hildenbrand

Willow Cordes-Eklund

Jennifer Gahnstrom, Admin


Arts & Furnishing Team

Coordinates what art & furnishings are used in the building where & when

Mary Buckley

Adel Gardner

Anne Tiller


Peace with Justice Committee

Forms alliances and sponsors programs to further the Walker mission. Convenes as issues arise.

Deb Ramage, chair

Steve Cobian, Minnesota Alliance of Peacemakers (MAP) representative


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