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Our Mission: To Nurture Spirituality, Build Caring Community,and Work Courageously for Peace with Justice and Mercy

Posted 10/20/14 by Jennifer Gahnstrom




Peace with Justice Committee Notes




One of the speakers at the Vigil for Immigration Reform on October 17 was Rev. John Gutterman, covenant minister at UCC New Brighton.

He works with a program called Conversations with Friends, which is an interfaith program opposing current harsh immigration policies and working to ease, by visiting them, the isolation and misery of those currently locked up in MN detention centers.

As part of our social justice mission at Walker Church, I propose that a group of us sign up for the training sessions to be detainee visitors.

The trainings are to be two Mondays, Jan. 5 and 12, 2015, time and location not yet set.

You don't have to commit to visiting if you take the training, but can decide afterward. I

I also propose that if some of us follow through and begin to do detainee visiting, we have a support group to meet periodically and debrief about our experiences and possibly do other programs to try to change the current immigration policies, which are cruel and destructive.

Please contact Deb at if you want to join me in this mission of "comforting the afflicted and afflicting the comfortable." 


























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